Sponge Selfie stick C

Taking self-portraits and videos has never been easier! Using Sponge Selfie Stick C is the best way to make photos or videos of you and your friends anywhere. Perfect for travelling, video diaries, blogging, hiking/camping, weddings, parties, beaches, mountains, concerts, aerial photos, sports events.



  • Adjustable phone adapter fits all phones of „width“ less than 8.5 cm, soft interiors for protecting phones from scratches;
  • Flex Height: 20 – 102 cm;
  • Good quality supports all brands of mobile phones. Aux cable to connect with phone;
  • Lightweight with sturdy non-slip grip;
  • Material: Stainless Steel;
  • Capacity: Maximum load up to 500 g;
  • In the box:  Selfie stick, universal phone carrier.

Usage – plug the audio cable in smartphone’s headphone jack. Start camera and press button to snap, no need of remote control.

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