Sponge Selfie Stick T

Selfie Stick T is a Bluetooth Tripod and selfie stick combo. It is perfect for video, time lapse, group shoots and video calls. The selfie stick is made from durable aluminium, it extends up to 98cm length and allows you to capture photos and videos from different angles



The tripod will help you to place your camera or mobile phone on the right position. It also can be easily detached from the selfie stick and used separately.

No wires
The bluetooth remote shutter button is compatible with smartphones with iOS and Android. The detachable remote can be used from up to 10 m distance or triggered by your thumb when used as a selfie stick.

GoPro and other cameras
Selfie Stick T is the perfect companion for GoPro owners and travel enthusiasts with other types of cameras or phones. Documenting your visit to The Bahamas or your grandmother has never been this easy!